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Project 3 - Letters from Camp

posted by janice on Thursday June 27th 3:10pm

Every kid at summer camp wants to send and receive letters. So they will need a mailbox.

To make this mailbox you will need:

1 Cardboard oatmeal type canister
1 Shoe box of equal proportions to the canister
1 piece of cardboard
1 pipe cleaner or piece of wire
1 large wooden bead or similar
Decorating materials

To Make The Mailbox:

1. Cut of one end of the shoe box.

2. Fit the canister inside the shoe box
and glue into place.

3. Turn the mailbox on end and trace the shape onto the cardboard, add two inches to the square ends length for a hinge. Cut out shape, bend at the two inch mark to form a hinge, and glue hinge onto the bottom of the mailbox at the open end. fold up the flap opening.

4. Decorate mailbox with paint, collage, etc.

5. Sketch out a flag on the cardboard, cut out and attach to the side of the mailbox with pipe cleaner or wire so that the flag can move up and down.

6. Attach bead at the top of the box. Make a pipecleaner loop, and attach to the top of the flap so that you can close the mailbox by drawing the loop over the bead.

7. Start writing letters from camp.

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