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Project 2 - 3 Things to to With Glue

posted by janice on Wednesday June 26th 10:46am

Color Inside the Lines

1.Take a dark sheet of colored paper and have your child draw onto the  paper with the Elmer's glue. This works great with abstracts, or looks very professional if they trace from a magazine or book photo and transfer it to the paper first in pencil.

2. Let the glue dry completely.

3. Have them color inside the blocks of glue with pastels or chalks. the lines will remain the color of the paper and creates an awesome effect.

Go Mobile or Catch Some Sun

1. Take round platic lids like from yogurt containers, cut out the centers out leaving the rim and enough of an edge that you can glue the waxed paper into the circle.

2. Cut waxed paper to fit lids, and glue into lids. As above draw or trace an outline image with the glue onto the waxed paper.

3. Let dry completely.

4. Color in the designs with transparent permanent markers, Coloring the glue lines last with black will give them a stained glass appearance.

To Make them into a mobile:

Make 4 or more suncatchers. Poke  a small hole in the paper at the top of each design and attach a piece of fishing line or dental floss around the rim. The strings should be about 16" long. Make a cross out of posicle sticks, chop sticks, or real sticks. Tie the center crossing pieces together.Tie the mobile designs on.
Attach one more length of string to the center of the X, and hang.

Stretch the Limits

1. Mix 1 part Elmer's glue and 1 part liquid starch. Let stand 5 minutes.

2. Mix in just a touch of food color.

3. Play. This stuff just like Silly Putty.

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