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Project 10 - Tape-upage

posted by janice on Wednesday July 17th 2:40pm
This is a lost art from the seventies, and a fast and easy craft for kids. 1. Make any item you wish to look rustic and texturized with little torn pieces of masking tape. 2. Then rub shoe polish or acrylic... more »

Project 9 - Shrunken Apple Heads

posted by janice on Monday July 15th 9:57am
It's hot out right? This is great weather for dehydrating things, so make some shrunken apple heads and use them to tell ghost stories under the stars. The picture to the right shows some awesome examples of the... more »

Project 8 - Button Buzzers

posted by janice on Thursday July 11th 9:33am
What you will need:1 Large Button (1"-2" size)1-1/2 yds string or yarn1. Thread string through two of the buttons holes so that it balances evenly 2. Tie off thread ends.3. Place fingers through loops at the ends.4.... more »

Project 7 - 6 Steps Summer Watercolor Painting

posted by janice on Tuesday July 9th 4:03pm
The secret is letting the water do the work don't paint back and forth, one stroke for each step on the wet paper does it. 1. Tape down sheet of large heavy weight drawing paper to the... more »

Project 6 - Use Your Noodle

posted by janice on Monday July 8th 12:17pm
Simple, yet kids will do this one for hours at a time.Hold onto the end of the pool noodle, stretching it out horizontally about 1 foot off the ground.  Kids take turns seeing if they can jump at that hieght without... more »
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