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“Tony, Tony, Turn Around - Something’s Lost And Must Be Found.”

posted by Kathleen on Wednesday September 5th 9:24pm

St. Anthony’s Festival was this past weekend – this marks the ‘official’ end of summer.


We took Jackie last year, but she was too little to do anything other than eat, which just so happens to be the best part of St. Anthony’s (the Saint of Fabulous Calzones & Cannoli’s). This year we were going to attempt the rides. We had no idea whether Jackie would like them – or if placing her on a ride would scar her for life.


Horrified she was not – Euphoric she was


There were four rides that Jackie was able to go on


this ride she called ‘the buggies’



this ride she called ‘the horsies’



though she preferred to climb onto the monkey and zebra much more than the ponies...





this ride she called the ‘big trucks’



and then there was the slide – she called this ride ‘the slide’ – pretty clever my girl is



Jackie could not get enough of this colorful field of great amusement, games, prizes, people and music. It was a toddler’s paradise. She went on the spinning bugs and carousel no less than 50 times over the course of the weekend.


She gleamed each time we announced we were going back to St. Anthony’s.


“Go to the Festible!”


What a super awesome weekend for Jackie. She was able to hang out with her cousin Ryan -




and her pals Maddie,



 and Ella.




She easily suckered her Daddy into spending obscene amounts of money to win her cheap, ugly stuffed animals (she has slept with her winnings every night)



AND she was allowed to devour huge slices of cheese pizza, and bottomless cups of greasy french fries and blue slushies (her stomach is still blue from her first St. Anthony slushie experience). It just doesn’t get any better than this.



These last three pictures are of Jackie running back to the car Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with her prizes… she was simply ‘over the moon’.


Night One – with ‘Spongebob and Dolphin’



Night Two – with ‘yellow paws’ the puppy & her slushie straw



Night Three – with ‘big green turtle’





some more pictures of over-stimulated children ...






conebaby said | on 09/10/2007

Jackie and I are in a big fight b/c she got to eat at St. Anthony's and I didn't.

Big fight, Jackie!

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