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She Lies For Fries

posted by Kathleen on Friday September 12th 6:17pm

Back to blogging...
for a few different reasons I took the summer off from writing - but on the ride home from work today I decided I would make a post tonight. Summer and my blog-break are over...time to get back to normalcy.



As I was pulling out of the parking lot after picking Jackie up from school today I asked my daughter how her day had gone.  She said “good.” Then the following conversation ensued…

“Mama (all of the sudden my daughter is from the Deep South), I think we need to go to Old MacDonalds so I can eat some French fries.”

“Daddy is making a special pizza for dinner tonight.”

“I think I need some French fries right now.”

“Jackie, I just told you what we were going to have for dinner. Daddy will be sad if we eat on the way home because then he will have to finish a whole pizza all by himself!”

“I will only have three French fries right now. Just three - okay? One, two three.”

“I think we should just go home.”

“Well, I think you should want Jackie to be happy.”

“I do want you to be happy.”

“French fries make me happy. We just won’t tell daddy.”

It is amazing that at just under the age of three Jackie has already begun her dissent towards sneaky, conniving and manipulative. Very common traits for a woman to have.
She is so advanced.

I bought her French fries.


some pictures that were taken over the last two months...


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I became a mother on November 19, 2005 after 17 & ½ hours of labor, 2 epidurals (which didn’t work), and a whole hell of a lot of pushing and complaining. My child came into the world without making a sound – the beautiful 7lb. 3oz. angel was calm and passive at one minute old. Where that child went I have no idea, but Jacqueline Kelsey Sinicropi is the demanding princess that sleeps in the room next to mine. I survived an auto-immune dysfunction, level four kidney disease & chemotherapy – but will I survive Motherhood?!? This blog is for the amazing daughter who I knew someday would be mine – Mommy loves you Jackie.
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