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First Haircut

posted by Kathleen on Sunday March 15th 1:10pm


3 Years - 4 Months - 19 Days... Mommy finally gives in and takes Jackie for her first haircut!


No, we do not practice Kabbalahism (I am pretty sure that waiting until the age of three for a haircut only pertains to boys anyway) - it's just that it took a long time for my daughter to grow hair... so, cutting it was difficult for me.


the peachfuzz look lasted quite awhile...


as you can see she was Super excited to go...

and we're off to see Jessica for some shearing

Lollipops: a must have when you are forcing your child to stand still as someone approaches them with scissors.

She did great, though at times she needed to lean on her father for moral support

and even though she swore she was only going to let Jessica cut ONE hair - she allowed much more than that to fall to the floor...





my favorite picture of the day...

March 7, 2009.

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I became a mother on November 19, 2005 after 17 & ½ hours of labor, 2 epidurals (which didn’t work), and a whole hell of a lot of pushing and complaining. My child came into the world without making a sound – the beautiful 7lb. 3oz. angel was calm and passive at one minute old. Where that child went I have no idea, but Jacqueline Kelsey Sinicropi is the demanding princess that sleeps in the room next to mine. I survived an auto-immune dysfunction, level four kidney disease & chemotherapy – but will I survive Motherhood?!? This blog is for the amazing daughter who I knew someday would be mine – Mommy loves you Jackie.
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