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Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores...Welcome Christmas - Christmas Day

posted by Kathleen on Thursday January 1st 9:58pm

Farewell 2008! I can't say I am sad to see you gone.

though Christmas this year was very fun and memorable with a three year old...


Christmas Eve at Uncle Aug & Aunt Susie's house


this was taken early on in the night when love was in the air and presents were abundant underneath the tree, presents which 'MIGHT" all belong to my daughter... or so she thought



a cute moment with her Nana



and another with her Mama



the kids are always snuggly with their Poppy...


after these photos were taken there was a lot of food consumed, drinks poured, home videos watched and tantrums tolerated... next up - Christmas Day!


08 will be known as the year of Baby Go Potty and the God-Awful pink "Sleeping Beauty Vanity'


Kudos to my husband for putting it together - all by himself...in less than 3 hours...without complaining...very much.




What? your children didn't ask for a Gremlin this year? Thats probably because they haven't seen the movie like my daughter did. It's the greatest children's feel good Christmas Flick of all times.



then over to Nana & Poppy's house for Baked French Toast, coffee and MORE PRESENTS



Ryan and Alyson got Jackie a Dress up Trunk filled to the max with 'princess clothing and accessories'



check out the Cinderella shoes!



and the beautiful earings



Poppy the fun loving Christmas elf with the grandkids...





Ryan and Jackie LOVED their gifts. As you can see by her absence, Aly was naughty this year so she received nothing and we kept her locked in an upstairs bedroom the entire day.


The Day after Christmas - enjoying new stuff.


Here Jackie is reading with her new Leapfrog Tag System (LOVE IT!)

she also happens to be enjoying her new Tag while dressed in her new Batman pajamas Di-Di baught her, along with her new Snow White costume...



chillin in her Rose Petal Cottage which in now fully furnished, rocking her Cabbage Patch Kid Garnet Jerri...yes, Garnet Jerri.



It was a wonderful Holiday season this year. And of course, what really made it so magical was Jackie's profound love for the guy in red...



PS - To my mother who will be reading this when she returns to work and wondering why there are no photos of the Christmas joy we experienced with my side of the family...


remember that my camera's battery was dead and the only photos that exist are on YOUR camera - so, please forward them over for my 2008 XMas Archive.


Best Wishes to a Great Year in 2009!






conebaby said | on 01/04/2009

1. Love Jackie's blue dress.

2. I cannot believe how big Ryan is getting - he's so handsome!

3. Josh didn't get the title AT ALL.  Should I still marry him?  'Cause that's just tragic.

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