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Blank Canvas

posted by Kathleen on Thursday June 12th 6:06pm
she was playing so quietly in the family-room, I didn't want to disturb her...so I left her alone for an entire ten minutes. I am an idiot.   look how proud she is of herself.she's a piece of work. 

Hide Your Valuables

posted by Kathleen on Saturday May 31st 2:24pm
As I was cleaning up around the house this morning Jackie decided to go up to her room and read some books to Beast and ‘Bunny Baby’. This is a daily ritual – usually after dinner and before bed she spends an hour or... more »
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Sleeping Beauty

posted by Kathleen on Tuesday May 6th 9:19pm
From the beginning Jackie has NEVER been a child that sleeps through the night. No matter how hard she plays, how exhausted she is when she falls asleep, if her nap has been missed or what time of night it is when she... more »

Dungeons and Dragonflies

posted by Kathleen on Saturday May 3rd 1:22pm
When I was a little girl I was very much your typical 'tomboy'. I could often be found playing tag football with my brother and his friends (or at least pleading to play from the side lines), I loved my G.I. Joe... more »
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My Daddy Bowls Better Than Your Daddy

posted by Kathleen on Sunday April 6th 1:00pm
  About a month ago while out to dinner with the girls, my friends Emily, Jodie and I were discussing fun things to do with the kids while the weather still has us hiding indoors. I had proposed... more »
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I became a mother on November 19, 2005 after 17 & ½ hours of labor, 2 epidurals (which didn’t work), and a whole hell of a lot of pushing and complaining. My child came into the world without making a sound – the beautiful 7lb. 3oz. angel was calm and passive at one minute old. Where that child went I have no idea, but Jacqueline Kelsey Sinicropi is the demanding princess that sleeps in the room next to mine. I survived an auto-immune dysfunction, level four kidney disease & chemotherapy – but will I survive Motherhood?!? This blog is for the amazing daughter who I knew someday would be mine – Mommy loves you Jackie.
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