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Expendable? I think not!

posted by Thom on Monday August 23rd 3:09am
It isn't everyday that we get an ensemble cast in an homage to the action movies of the 80s. So, of course, I had to see it. After Stallone's re-commitment to his audiences with Balboa and Rambo, I had some... more »
Posted in Movie, Action, 80s

Quiet Please!

posted by Thom on Saturday October 3rd 12:19am
Okay, this is why I dislike going to a movie on Friday night.  The girlfriend and I went to see the next class of the Performing Arts in the movie, Fame.  And sure enough, week two Friday night crap... more »
Posted in Movie Etiquette, Fame

Spring Into Action: What's Up This Summer

posted by Thom on Friday March 20th 2:12am
It's the first day of Spring.  I sit here impatiently waiting for the release of the DVD for Quantum of Solace next week and begin to contemplate the next season, Summer... more »

One down ... 007 to go

posted by Thom on Sunday November 16th 2:09pm
I fully expect to see this movie a few more times in the near future.  But, you'll have to wait a day or so for my full impression. So, you are prolly wondering why I am posting today and what I plan to talk... more »

T-Minus Double-O Seven and Counting

posted by Thom on Friday November 14th 2:34am
Thursday, November 13th I have been waiting for this day.  It's a Thursday.  I edit the Buffalo Bills Kenny show today but that's not what I've been waiting for.  I have two design concepts to do for local businesses... more »
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Thom is Lead Web Designer at FingerLakes1.com and a former Network Producer for IGN.

As an avid movie goer and collector of DVDs, he spends a decent amount of time learning about upcoming releases. Currently, he owns over 240 DVDs of varying genres.

As a rule, he'll watch pretty much anything once though he tends to avoid horror flicks. Frequently he'll watch a movie many times in a short span after release to really get a grasp of the movie.

Some recent favorites:
Sherlock Holmes 1 & 2
Casino Royale
V for Vendetta
The Dark Knight
Iron Man I & II
and the Ocean's Trilogy

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