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Weddings I luv'em

posted by NyTwinsFan on Sunday July 12th 4:07pm

I love them, how about you?. We went to a wedding this weekend in Olean. Had a great time, but then again I always do. There is such joy, a sense of hope. The issues and problems of the days just melt away with the bubbles as they float by. People smile the biggest smiles. Every bride is beautiful, on her day. The ushers hope to get lucky, the bridesmaids hope to be brides. I think that’s one of the greatest treasures of a wedding, HOPE. A  hope for a happy life, a hope for families to stay together, maybe children, maybe not. But the hope of love eternal.

Other things I love about weddings; Jordan Almonds, white cake, and of course: a shot a cigar and a dance with the bride.  Cameras on tables, boy is that a hoot.

This wedding had a chocolate fountain. And a Mashed Potato Bar, where it is served in a martini glass. Regular, Garlic, or Sweet, and so many scrumptious toppings. Umber Cool if you ask me. Beef on a weck, that was quite good.

I always feel a special closeness to my wife at weddings. I think many of us do. A time to rebond, to remember our day, kneeling in a driveway, asking for her hand, The years planning, and then the big day. The whirlwind of fun, and laughter, of love and life. At the end my bros serenading her.

Then the honeymoon ;o)




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