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Quaker Steak to Capt Jacks

posted by NyTwinsFan on Monday July 6th 9:53am

This weekends ride was truly a nice one.  We had decided that Sunday would be the day, due to all the parties this weekend.


So tenish we gathered at my brothers house and kicked around where to go ?. We have ridden most of the popular routes, Naples, around Cayuga etc, I was hoping for something different.


I suggested Quaker Steak and Lube. It's a pretty cool resturant chain, just starting to have sites in NY.  As you could imagine it has a car / bike / racing theme. Good food, I really like the lube burgers and Onion rings, brought to you on a car antenna. But They are known for their wings. Has to be 15 different flavors. The top of the line is Atomic, if you eat six and sign a hold harmless, you get your name on the wall of flame, a bumper sticker, and some other interesting gastro-effects. I am on the Wall of Flame in 4 states. So its off to Syracuse, I bit brisk, but my new Tourmaster Jacket has it covered. 5 and 20 is slow, some conehead from Ontarioi wants to do 40. But its all good, i'm on the bike.

We get past Elbridge and it starts to open up, then 695 and we can twist the wick a bit. The roar of the bikes sounds like a symphony to me. 690 is tricky, but no worries. We arrive at our destination.  




Then it was off to parts unknown. We decided to take 31 back, as to not go the same way. The day was bright, the bikes ran strong and it was picture perfect. We stopped in Savanah for gas and decided Jacks Reef would be the next stop. So up through the twistes we went, hit 104 and crusied west. Charlies V-T  roaring, Bobs Suzuki next in line, Marios Gold Wing floating and Precious growling under me is the perfect setting for a tranquil cruise into the sun.


Jacks Reef is under constrution, so it's back to 104 to go to Sodus Point.  We come to the point, and there are bikes lned up everywhere. The sound is amazing as the pull in or our of the parking spots. The strip is alive with young and old, bikers and cagers. We head up to Capt Jacks for some refreshments and talk. It's a nice place with a Tiki Bar on the roof. The waitress keeps going by with Burgers and fries that look yummi. A band starts to play, as I look outr over the bay. Ahhh its one of those momnets you only get after a good ride, to a good place, with great friends.


We take some back roads home, and settle in for a snappy ride to Casa NYTF.

Quaker Steak:







Sodus Point:







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