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How different they were. How different they are. Tribute to FL1 riders

posted by NyTwinsFan on Tuesday August 4th 9:17am

Gordy Carroll   -  9, Jun 2009
Tim McDonald -  9, Nov 2009
Janice Serven  - 22, Oct 2007



Buddy, DDC and Trackie20. Three very different people in many ways. But they were very much the same also. In their love of motorcycling was the common bond. This bond is what brought them together. Through the FL1 forums, we met , talked and ended up riding together. Different they were.

Trackie was a lovely young woman who rode a Japanese street bike, that sounded like a jet engine. She was a track star and coach I beleive. She was the one I knew the least. When I met her after chatting on the forums looking for the ride. She pulled up on a fast sleek street machine, pulled up her helmet, shook out her hair. She smiled at us and said, I bet you thought I was a guy. She was like that. Kinda quiet, but funny and full of surprises. She passed after a motorcycle accident, we were all shocked.

DDC or DoneDirtCheap, I knew second best. Full of smiles, he was larger than life. He rode a Japanese VTwin crusier. Loud it was, with open pipes and  a 1500 cc engine, you knew he was coming. He loved to ride that bike. His favorite comment was "as long as your knees are in the breeze". Thats the way he was, it didnt matter what you rode, as long as you did. I remember one of the first time we talked, he asked if I blipped the throttle under bridges, I said "no". He smiled an evil little grin and said " I do, I love it". On a ride I was next to him under a bridge and he did it. Now I know why, it sounded awesome. And now I do it, and think of him. DDC passed one night in his sleep, we were all shocked.


Buddy. I knew him the best, talked to him more and rode with him more. He rode a Harley, a road sofa ;o). He loved that bike. I remember when he first got it and he had a shake in the front end. He was worried, and took it real easy until he fixed it. Thats the way he was careful. I remember when trackie passed and we decided to to a tribute ride for her. On his own out of his own pocket he got her mom flowers. She cried a bit when he gave them to her, but she smiled on the inside. He also wanted to do a ride each year and charge a bit, so we could start a scholarship in her name. He invited us to his house after. Thats the way he was caring. He had many friends on the board, and I was honored to be one of them. A nice guy, but I dont think I would want him mad at me. He was big and strong. Handled that great big bike like it was a 500cc honda. He always a had a big smile and a warm handshake. He passed one day from a heart attack, we were all shocked.

After he passed I found out he pm'd SilverFox that we needed to get the DDC-Trackie ride going he said " we have already lost two". We didnt get it going soon enough.


The ride was great, the weather was perfect. I made a mistake by saying we were going 5 and 20, then I ended up taking us down river road. LOL but we got together by lowes, like it was planned.  We took the same route and the first FL1 ride and the trackie tribute ride. The same stops, except we added a stop at deweys at the end. And a stop at Buddy's grave. He is near the road which is traveled often by bikes, you caould hear them going by, he would have liked that.  You could almost feel them with us and we traveled the blue ashphalt rivers, as the thunder of the machines echoed our passing. We ended up as part of the parade in Watkins Glen, which those three would have really liked. 


I made some new friends on this ride, got to put some faces with posts, and saw some old friends. We had a great ride and a great day. As LOTE said bittersweet, but it doesnt get much better.



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