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Billy, Bears and Bling

posted by NyTwinsFan on Monday July 27th 7:39pm

Well... not in that order.


The bears come first And what a bear it was. Went to big moose for a small holiday. One afternoon while sitting on the porch a black bear came out. Yowsa a 300 + pounder Yikes. He was calm enough, just wanted to eat and sniff, the kids were loving it. We also went to Enchanted Forest and water safari. That place is so nice. A great little park nesteled up by Old Forge. If you get the chance its a nice family place.  The girls did some shoping while me and the boys went looking for geodes. It was a nice day for a walk. We saw lots of deer some bucks in velvet. It was a fun trip, lots of smores. ;o)




Billy, well not really Billy, but a Billy cover band that is. Big Shot is a Billy Joel Cover band and they were really quite good. We went to the turning stone with freinds and caught the show after a buffet dinner. Yikes there is way too much food in that place. Any way, the band was good, we had a table in the second row. They played lots of BJ favs of mine, and even did pressure after the heard me yell it. ;o). He did some journey also, and the interaction of the band members was really funny.

The table in from of of kept giving the Guitarist tequila, and the head of the band didnt care for that too much. Good show catch them if you can



Lastly Bling, I finally bit the bullet and put some bling on Precious

There is a timing cover that is kind of plain, and it blends into the black motor. So one day while cruising E-Bay I saw a WilleG skull timing cover and said what the hell. And I just love it. I dont think I will do much more.



Old cover look above the brake.




New cover


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