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Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores...Welcome Christmas - Christmas Day

posted by Kathleen on Thursday January 1st 9:58pm

Farewell 2008! I can't say I am sad to see you gone.

though Christmas this year was very fun and memorable with a three year old...


Christmas Eve at Uncle Aug & Aunt Susie's... more »

Hide Your Valuables

posted by Kathleen on Saturday May 31st 2:24pm

As I was cleaning up around the house this morning Jackie decided to go up to her room and read some books to Beast and ‘Bunny Baby’. This is a daily ritual – usually after dinner and before bed she spends an hour or... more »

She Sees Christmas Everywhere

posted by Kathleen on Saturday December 22nd 2:04pm

Nobody is filled with the Christmas Spirit more than my Jackie.  I thought she would enjoy the holidays this year, but not really understand the concept of ‘Santa Claus’.  I was wrong, for she is all about the... more »

The Doctor Will See You Now

posted by Kathleen on Thursday July 26th 8:09pm

Last month I bought an Elmo Dr. Kit for Jackie. The reason behind the purchase was because she had a new summer babysitter for Thursdays and Fridays starting. My hope was that if Diana (the aforementioned summer... more »

Grillin' -N- Chillin'

posted by Kathleen on Sunday June 3rd 4:28pm

Saturday afternoon Jim, Jackie and I attended a surprise 2nd baby shower/cook-out at my girlfriend Jodie’s house. Our pal Sam, mother to Jake, who was born 18 days earlier than Jackie and 19 days earlier than Jodie’s... more »

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