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posted by conebaby on Wednesday September 7th 1:37pm

Things my husband will put back in the fridge.


Alaska: My Triumphant Return

posted by conebaby on Wednesday August 3rd 5:54pm


As much as I wish this blog post were about my permanent return to The Last Frontier, I am only heading back for a vacation. A much-needed, wish-I-could-stay-forever vacation. It's actually kind of weird to go... more »

Cocktail Friday: Houston Housewife Edition

posted by conebaby on Friday October 1st 2:05pm

Hey everyone!  All is well at Snowcones HQ - temperatures in Houston have dropped to window-opening comfort levels and we've got several weeks of visitors on the calendar.  Our friend Divini... more »


posted by conebaby on Friday August 13th 4:29pm

For my Houston Guide at PlanetEye Traveler, it's up to me to moderate comments on articles that I write.  That really just means I approve or deny comments, and the occasional trackback when someone links to one of my pieces.  Not that... more »

Correspondence: Working From Home

posted by conebaby on Thursday August 12th 5:15pm

My husband thinks he's "punny".  This is my version of "office refrigerator problems".  At least no one steals my food.  (Usually.)  He gets extra points for a quick reply, though.



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