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This Should Make Aunt Christina Smile

posted by Kathleen on Thursday September 18th 9:13pm

While we as adults have had years to learn to feel self-conscious about our dance 'abilities', these little ballerinas are blissfully unencumbered by the need to shake their stuff. 

Jackie and her fellow... more »

My Daddy Bowls Better Than Your Daddy

posted by Kathleen on Sunday April 6th 1:00pm


About a month ago while out to dinner with the girls, my friends Emily, Jodie and I were discussing fun things to do with the kids while the weather still has us hiding indoors.

I had proposed... more »

Way Better Than Trump

posted by Kathleen on Sunday May 20th 9:48pm

We have made it; Jackie has reached my favorite period of early childhood – 18 months through age three.

I was a pre-school teacher for 9 years before getting diagnosed with an auto-immune dysfunction. Early... more »

I'm Clumsy & Colorful

posted by Kathleen on Saturday May 5th 9:34am

Jackie has been counting to ten for about a month now - she picked it up so quickly that we assumed teaching her the primary colors would be simple. We spend time daily taking out her crayons and telling her what color... more »

Jackie Be Nimble

posted by Kathleen on Wednesday April 11th 5:48pm

Jackie just loves to dance. She is not the most agile child in the world – in fact, she is rather clumsy. However, when she decides it’s boogie time – she changes into this polished, adept performer. The awkwardness simply... more »

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