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She Lies For Fries

posted by Kathleen on Friday September 12th 6:17pm

Back to blogging...for a few different reasons I took the summer off from writing - but on the ride home from work today I decided I would make a post tonight. Summer and my blog-break are over...time to get back to... more »

Blank Canvas

posted by Kathleen on Thursday June 12th 6:06pm

she was playing so quietly in the family-room, I didn't want to disturb her...

so I left her alone for an entire ten minutes.


I am an idiot.



look how proud she is of herself.

she's a piece of work. 

This Green-Eyed Monster Has Blue Eyes

posted by Kathleen on Saturday June 16th 5:58pm

Jackie loves babies...

in books-

on TV-

in strollers passing by-

However, she does not like babies near her mommy, daddy, nana or poppy.

When Jackie's Aunt Lisa gave Jackie her first girl cousin last month,... more »

Original Sin

posted by Kathleen on Saturday May 12th 11:56am

What do you do when your child continually chooses to do the exact opposite of what you ask?


Some specialists would say it is normal for a child Jackie’s age to demonstrate acts of independence…I say autonomy is annoying. As... more »

An Embrace To Erase

posted by Kathleen on Tuesday May 8th 12:09pm

This morning when I opened Jackie's door at 6:45AM, she sat right up in her crib, extended her arms to me and said, "hug".

When you are greeted like this by your child first thing in the morning, it makes everything she... more »

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