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First Haircut

posted by Kathleen on Sunday March 15th 1:10pm


3 Years - 4 Months - 19 Days... Mommy finally gives in and takes Jackie for her first haircut!


No, we do not practice Kabbalahism (I am pretty sure that waiting until the age of three for a haircut only pertains to boys... more »

Fahoo Fores Dahoo Dores...Welcome Christmas - Christmas Day

posted by Kathleen on Thursday January 1st 9:58pm

Farewell 2008! I can't say I am sad to see you gone.

though Christmas this year was very fun and memorable with a three year old...


Christmas Eve at Uncle Aug & Aunt Susie's... more »

This Should Make Aunt Christina Smile

posted by Kathleen on Thursday September 18th 9:13pm

While we as adults have had years to learn to feel self-conscious about our dance 'abilities', these little ballerinas are blissfully unencumbered by the need to shake their stuff. 

Jackie and her fellow... more »

She Lies For Fries

posted by Kathleen on Friday September 12th 6:17pm

Back to blogging...for a few different reasons I took the summer off from writing - but on the ride home from work today I decided I would make a post tonight. Summer and my blog-break are over...time to get back to... more »

Flower Girl For Hire

posted by Kathleen on Monday June 30th 9:26pm

Over the weekend Jackie was the flower girl in Jim's cousin John's wedding. When John and his then fiance Jenni told us at Thanksgiving they wanted Jackie to be a part of their wedding I felt both delighted and... more »

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