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Whedon is a believer and he believes hard

posted by Thom on Friday May 4th 2:55pm


Marvel's The Avengers Expectations are high … really, really, really high. The fate of an entire movie franchise, nay the whole studio, rests upon the shoulders of... more »

Burning Sensation

posted by Thom on Monday September 29th 4:52pm

Feel the Burn

Alright, last Thursday night I scored a last minute opportunity to see "Burn After Reading" … so I checked to make sure Survivor was recording on my DVR and zipped off to meet someone... more »

Summer is Over ... Bring on Fall

posted by Thom on Wednesday September 24th 2:56am

Listen to the Podcast

That's right, summer is over ... as of Sunday.  Time for the wave of Summer Blockbuster DVDs.


IRON MAN hits shelves on Tuesday, September 30th!

Yes!!  Time to watch it OVER... more »

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