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First Haircut

posted by Kathleen on Sunday March 15th 1:10pm


3 Years - 4 Months - 19 Days... Mommy finally gives in and takes Jackie for her first haircut!


No, we do not practice Kabbalahism (I am pretty sure that waiting until the age of three for a haircut only pertains to boys... more »

You've Got Mail

posted by Kathleen on Sunday July 22nd 1:50pm

Jackie received a Thank You card in the mail yesterday from her buddy Ethan whose birthday party we attended in June – the one with the Ponies! You would have thought it was Christmas. 


When we handed it to her we... more »


posted by Kathleen on Wednesday May 2nd 3:43pm

Jackie has a new cousin.

Alyson Beth - 6lbs. 5oz.

She looks just like her big brother Ryan!

Congratulations Aunt Lisa & Uncle Chuck - she is absolutely beautiful - LOOK AT THAT HAIR

Update:Jim and I drove to Syracuse on Thursday... more »

Hoppin Down The Memory Trail

posted by Kathleen on Tuesday April 10th 6:30pm

It is amazing how much she has changed in a year!

Easter 2006


Easter 2007



No Religious Holiday is complete without Dora the Explorer


the end of the day...

the biggest change was the fact that I could put a bow in her hair this year!

Down At Fraggle Rock

posted by Kathleen on Friday March 9th 6:48pm

I don't care how similar their hairstyles are - I will never cut Jackie's beautiful mop. NEVER.


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