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SITE DESIGN: Red's Place

posted by janice on Monday November 5th 10:00am

We at FingerLakes1.com are pleased to announce the newly designed website for Red's Place.

Red's Place, long known for great food, good drink and even better times, has recently has us create a site dedicated... more »

Photo-Slash-Flashback Friday

posted by conebaby on Friday April 30th 1:18pm

Today is Josh's Friday off so naturally we're embarking on a big day.  Thus far I've been writing in my pjs while Josh plays Tiger Woods Wii.  Also, we drank coffee and took the dog out.  We're thinking about... more »

Moose Meat

posted by conebaby on Friday January 30th 12:41am

This post is not for the faint of heart!  I am serious.  Bloody moose/butchering photos ahead...


Several months ago we acquired ourselves a moose.  Don't ask how; if I told you I'd have to kill you.  Suffice it to say that on... more »


posted by conebaby on Sunday January 18th 11:31pm

Snowcones is reporting to you live from the tail end of a six-day chinook.  The weather has been nothing short of spectacular, with temperatures rising into the high forties (and in some elevations, the fifties.)  Imagine my... more »


posted by conebaby on Saturday January 3rd 5:21pm

Anyone else completely wiped out?  I know I am!  We had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year and now it's a week of salads, water, and yoga!  My digestive tract is rebelling against all of the rich food (and generous drink!) ... more »

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