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She Lies For Fries

posted by Kathleen on Friday September 12th 6:17pm

Back to blogging...for a few different reasons I took the summer off from writing - but on the ride home from work today I decided I would make a post tonight. Summer and my blog-break are over...time to get back to... more »


posted by Kathleen on Wednesday July 11th 8:00pm

Jackie has now taken over The Chair!

For the love of God CHILD, some things must remain non-Jackie items - Mommy’s toothbrush, Tucker’s stuffed rabbit, Daddy’s CHAIR!!!

I bought a chair for Jim – wait, let me re-phrase…... more »

Daddy's Girl

posted by Kathleen on Sunday June 17th 4:37pm


she got the best one! 

Happy Father's Day

Off With His Head

posted by Kathleen on Monday May 28th 9:41pm

While at Toys R Us Saturday, I bought Jackie a few sets of Scholastic Touch & Feel ‘Hands on Learning Cards’. She loves flashcards as I have mentioned in previous posts. We opened them up on Sunday afternoon and she had a... more »

I Would Travel To The Ends Of The Earth For Good Guacamole

posted by Kathleen on Sunday May 27th 4:53pm

James, Kathleen and Jacqueline took a road trip yesterday to Greece, Rochester. We waited until Jackie was ready for her nap, stuck her in the car seat and hit the road.


We had... more »

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