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Moose Meat

posted by conebaby on Friday January 30th 12:41am

This post is not for the faint of heart!  I am serious.  Bloody moose/butchering photos ahead...


Several months ago we acquired ourselves a moose.  Don't ask how; if I told you I'd have to kill you.  Suffice it to say that on a cold Alaskan night a moose met an unfortunate end, and the result was cupboards well-stocked with moose meat.




Yes, that is a tongue hanging out of the side of its mouth.  Ew!


Warning: Carcass!




It was cold, as you can see from the steam coming off the moose while it was being skinned.


Thank goodness we have friends (no, not the governor) who know the proper way to field dress a moose.  Skin it first, then quarter it.  It's bloody work, to be sure.




Then came the long, long night of butchering.  You know, my "Alaska-versary" is coming up and there is just no way I could have imagined, back in January 2007, that I would be doing stuff like this...




We made coffee...




Changed clothes...




And dove into a long weekend of hard work, cleaning and processing literally hundreds of pounds of moose...










Some of the meat was cut into steaks, some ground for burgers and meatballs and such, and some set aside for jerky (perfect for camping!)  Much of the meat was canned; canning meat wasn't even on my radar before moving to Alaska, however it's an incredibly convenient way to preserve and store everything from moose to salmon to turkey.




Below, left is a "raw pack" and the jar on the right is moose meat canned with tomatoes:




We've already made moose meatballs (sorry, no photos!) and they were delicious.  On New Year's Eve we had Hungarian Goulash - with moose, of course.




I've already shared the photos of our chinook cookout, but here they are again:






The steaks were marinated in Coke and various herbs and spices.  I can say without hesitation that it was one of the top three steaks I have ever eaten in my entire life.


I promise my next post will be severely lacking in bloody moose carcass...but are we living off the land or what?

Thom said | on 01/30/2009

Hey, send down some Moose Teriyaki Jerky.

BBREW9 said | on 01/30/2009

As Bullwinkle cries....I am thinking Moose Meat Stew iin a crockpot recipe for the Kitchen thread.;)

" Z Genius Lusifer " said | on 02/01/2009

Poor Bullwinkle.

I can't say I have ever had a dead cow in my front yard to butcher under any aquired circumstances.  The sacrificial cult-like cutting and bathing ritual looks like it was carried out to the letter of the written Moose doctrine.  I am just wondering if it tastes like chicken?

PS.  How did you divide up the 2 Moose meatballs?


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