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Boeheim vs. Gottlieb

posted by Max Power on Wednesday February 28th 11:01am

Anyone who follows college basketball over the past couple of years and watches ESPN's coverage and analysis you can't help but notice that ESPN's Doug Gottlieb doesn't seem to ever have anything positive to say about Syracuse or their Hall of Fame coach.

There is history behind Gottlieb's distain for Boeheim, the Big East, or anything Syracuse.

First we have to understand how Doug Gottlieb went from being a starting point guard at Notre Dame as a freshmen to his seat as an analyst at ESPN.

Gottlieb allegedly stole his roomate's credit card at Notre Dame and charged about $900 worth of purchases on it. When Notre Dame officials learned of this, they kicked him out of school. After a year off, Gottlieb ends up at Oklahoma State under Eddie Sutton.

The Boeheim vs. Gottlieb fued started early on in his stint at ESPN in 2004 when Gottlieb accused some Big East teams, including Syracuse, of playing non-conference schedules so easy they were “fraudulent.”

Now perhaps "fraudulent" wasn't the right word for a guy who was kicked out of school for credit card fraud to use. In fact, Boeheim actually fired back that, "the only thing I know about fraudulent is (Gottlieb's) use of credit cards". Boeheim also went on to say, "One guy in particular was in our league for a minute or two but he couldn’t play in it. He seems to do the most talking, probably because he wasn’t a very good player and he’s not very smart about basketball."

In addition to this, Gottlieb was the first to call for Oklahoma State's legendary head coach Eddie Sutton to resign after being arrested for DWI. Boeheim also takes exception to this. According to Boeheim, Eddie Sutton gave Doug Gottlieb a second chance after his conviction at Notre Dame yet he was the first to throw his former coach under the bus when he made a mistake.

Gottlieb also was the target of the Big Ten commissioner after he made some controversial remarks regarding a Big Ten official. You can read about this incident here.

Coach Boeheim talked about this fued with Doug Gottlieb among other items on Tuesday afternoon on Sports Radio 620 AM. You can check out the full interview here.


Gio said | on 02/28/2007

Gottlieb is using it as an attention getter. Lets cause some contorversy to further my career.


What is your take on all this storming the court talk going on?

Max Power said | on 02/28/2007

I say bring it on!

We just beat our biggest rival who was ranked in the top ten. A game we desperately needed. Let 'em storm the court. It was a great scene.

Also, for those who say that our program is too prestigious to storm the court after a win like this, especially after we won a national title in 2003...

Most of the current students weren't here is 2003. They have shown up at every home game, been the best student section we've had in a long time. They deserver a chance to storm the court. They earned it. It's a memory they'll always have and it's part of the college experience. Syracuse is their school, this is their team, and this is their home court. 

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