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Give me some Bitterant; make it a double!

posted by sandy on Monday April 30th 3:56pm

The circle of annoyance is now complete.

For the past couple years I have been really annoyed trying to find canned air.  You know the cans you spray to clean your keyboard and inside your computer to get rid of the dust? I don't know why it has been so hard to find. ( well I now have a theory; but that is for later) Everytime I would go to Wal-mart: OUT OF STOCK.   One time I went to Walgreen's.  They had one can. This was not going to satisy the dustbunnies in this high tech office! I bought it, none the less. Needless to say it did not last long.

So I had a mission from Bill, to bring home 4 cans  of canned air. Despite my warnings, "Honey, they are always out of stock!", he had every faith I would be able to bring home 4 cans.  And so was my mission born.

Imagine my surprise walking into the office supply aisle, there on the bottom shelf, what had to be 100 cans  of canned air. WHOA. 4 cans were scooped up into my cart to make the trek back to their new home.

Another annoyance when you buy spray cans is being carded for the products thanks to the lovely addicted "huffers" and "inhalers". But no, no carding this time. No warning buzzer at the register requesting my age or ID.  WOW it must have been my lucky day!

Now we have had a lot of fun with canned air in the past.  One time we tipped the can upside down and froze a spider. We have spritzed each other here and there, during canned air wars.  Little did I know those prescious times, they were ending.

Bill, excited about the canned air, immediately took to de-dust bunnying the office.  When he was done he sat down. And then said EWWW. A bitter taste in  his mouth. He says, "Does that canned air have Bitterant?"  Bitterant? What's that and why?  Now had any of this hit my mouth and I would have had to taste what Bill was tasting I might have paid more attention, but I said, Oh whatever.

That is, until this morning's annoyance set off a chain reaction.   My space bar has been sticking and not working properly, making me have to re-do many many lines of typing.  Great idea!  I will clean out my keyboard with the canned air!

Great idea, hee,  until I had been typing and then needed to count through a stack of papers. 

You know how you lick your finger so the papers don't stick together while you are counting?  Great trick unless you have sprayed your keyboard with canned air that contains bitterant. Then it kind of sucks, because all you can taste is bitterant.. And why should you be?  You were using the product as directed. You weren't trying to huff it, or inhale anything.   You just wanted your space bar to stop sticking.  That's all. But now you can't get the bitter taste out of your mouth as you realize AHA  that's why the cans were never in stock! They were trying to come up with a way to stop the inhaler freaks from buying it for their jollies.

Bravo!  You stopped them from buying canned air and have now punished everyone else in the world that uses the product correctly, save a few frozen spiders and canned air wars.

So not only was I caused grief trying to score canned air while they were figuring out the bitterant thing, but now the bitterant is a whole other annoyance. An even worse one, because as I type this, if I don't remember to re-wash my hands before I do anything else, bitter taste once again.

So inhaler freaks,  huffers ,  meth heads who have cause me to be un-able to buy as much advil cold and sinus as I want to... This Bitterant's For You, It's Bitterant Time, Spuds Mackenzie blah blah blah....

Oh and my space bar is still sticking also. 

Later Y'all 




bsnider said | on 08/15/2011

http://www.criticalcleaning.com/CCDusters.htm check this website out all these products you can order on line and have no bitterents in them. They are also the most powerfull air dusters on the market and plus you never have to worry about them running out of stock. Hope this helps

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