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Sincere Apologies, O Harbingers of Spring

posted by janice on Wednesday April 10th 3:59pm

Elizabeth Cady StantonMy sincere apologies are offered to the couple I came across yesterday on the The Frank J. Ludovico Sculpture Trail in Seneca Falls. I must have really ruined your unbridled enjoyment of the great outdoors. It was definitely one of those beautiful spring days where the air felt more like summer, but wasn't the concrete bridge foundation still cold? BTW Don't let that girl get away, she has got to be one of the best sports I've ever seen.

But what better place to practice the art of love than among Mary Baker Eddy, Amelia Bloomer, and the like?

I must have really shocked you when I unthinkingly walked around the bend, said "Oh My", and slapped my forehead in disbelief. It obviously destroyed your mood and caused an end to your enjoyment of the public space. I say this because after I turned heel and went back down the trail, I eventually gained the nerve to glance back, and you had collected yourselves and were heading back down the trail. That really wasn't necessary. I wouldn't have come back.

But then these are the risks one takes when utilizing an open thoroughfare I hate it when the trails are crowded too. Sometimes there are entire families with lots of little children. They walk three and four abreast (this means across) down this trail.

So when I'm communing with nature, and I want privacy I will take steps to go to very remote areas, away from homes, roads, and public art monuments.

Today I went out on what felt like patrol again. Perhaps it was the rainy weather, or common decency, or you have located a nicer graffiti festooned love nest, but whatever the case, you were not in sight and I could not apologize in person.

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