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In Response to the Torrey Park/Lehigh Gardens Controversy

posted by janice on Wednesday July 6th 4:20pm
  This letter was written in response to the Spencer Tullis piece in the Finger Lakes Times on... more »

Growing Mental Illness

posted by janice on Thursday July 18th 11:24am
I believe people's yards can be used as a guage of their mental state. I have to assume that the way people attempt to solve gardening problems somewhat equates to how they deal with other problems in their... more »

Lot'o Memories

posted by janice on Friday June 21st 3:00pm
My husband and I are soon to purchase the lot next door. This is a testament to our patience and dumb luck.   When we first looked for houses, we wanted a large lot, but found this to be out of our... more »

Gourmet Restaurant Tasting Menus - Are you going to eat that?

posted by janice on Monday May 13th 10:41pm
I tire of eating with children. They complain about the food, refuse to try anything new and dine and dash without really appreciating the dining experience.   On... more »

Sincere Apologies, O Harbingers of Spring

posted by janice on Wednesday April 10th 3:59pm
My sincere apologies are offered to the couple I came across yesterday on the The Frank J. Ludovico Sculpture Trail in Seneca Falls. I must have really ruined your unbridled enjoyment of... more »
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