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11/11/12 In a nut shell

posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday November 11th 10:27am

So, I have had all the heart test's done. My heart has not gotten better. It's still at 43-45. Normal is 55. We don't know that it will ever be normal again. I can live with that as I am not a normal person any ways. My heart used to beat 89+ beats a minute before the increase of Metoprolol. Now it beats between 74-82. It's not great, but it is do-able. My blood pressure and heart rate is still to high when I'm active. According to the doc I need to learn to slow down. He'll be happy to hear I'm taking some vacation time around Thanksgiving. My heart skips beats and it also prematurley beats which causes flutters in my chest. They think some of the pain I feel in my chest is due to scar tissue from my lung surgery.

Next month is my 6 month check up with the cancer doc. More test's and another doc appointment. GOD! I can't wait to get all these doctors out of my life, if I can. No offense docs. I'll keep you updated as things happen or if I just need to talk. Some things you can't just say to people. I don't like the looks they give you and it's hard to without seeming like an idiot. C-ya.



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