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1/12/13 New updates

posted by bbanfield62 on Saturday January 12th 9:22am

Well I have been pretty busy since I last posted. I had my 50th birthday. Yup, 50. There was a time that would have bothered me, but now, I'm just happy that I made it another year. WOOHOO for me! I have passed the two year mark since my cancer dianosis and my one year mark of being cancer free.

I also got sick. The doc said it's sinus and upper respiratory infections with bronchitis. This trio knocked me on my ass. I still have some of the symptoms. More meds to fight this crap.

I had the blood work and CT scan done while I was sick. Urrrrgh, it was hard to get ready and out the door for them as I was so tired and weak from being sick.

I met with the cancer doc, Dr. Bael, yesterday for the results. He stated that I am still cancer free and my blood work was good. He also stated that I have a couple of abnormal lymphnodes in the middle of my chest. I asked what he meant by that. He said that they are larger than normal. He said he noticed them before and finds that they are stable at this time. He wants me to have more tests in 6 months so he can keep an eye on them as they concern him a bit. I'll have them done in July. 

I have also developed some tummy issues. I have heartburn quite a bit now and the more I eat or drink during the day the more pain and nausea I have in my stomach. Sometimes it's so painful that it interferes with my breathing. I will see a specialist for this soon.

Well, that's all I can think of for now. It's been a busy month. I'll post more after my appointment with the specialist.


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