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6 month checks

posted by bbanfield62 on Saturday February 1st 10:33am
Well I just had my battery of doctor appointments. The cancer doc didn't order any tests this time. It was just a come in and see if there are any new or recurring signs and how are you  feeling appointment. I am... more »

Who Knew? 7/12/13

posted by bbanfield62 on Friday July 12th 5:14pm
It's been a while since I last posted and I apologize. I am still working and have battled a few colds and sinus infections. Nothing really serious. Just the norm for Upstate New York. So here are my updates. As... more »


posted by bbanfield62 on Tuesday April 23rd 11:48am
WOOHOO! Who Rocks? Yup, it's me. I had my eco test done today. I had a new tech. His name is Gary. He's a really nice guy and treated me with dignity. Any who.... He told me my heart is still getting stronger. My number is... more »


posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday April 14th 5:37pm
I have a heart doc appointmet coming up within 9 days. I will be having an eco to see if my heart is getting stronger. I'm hoping that he tells me that I no longer need meds. Not likely, but still hoping. I have talked... more »

1/12/13 New updates

posted by bbanfield62 on Saturday January 12th 9:22am
Well I have been pretty busy since I last posted. I had my 50th birthday. Yup, 50. There was a time that would have bothered me, but now, I'm just happy that I made it another year. WOOHOO for me! I have passed... more »
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