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5/25/16 The heart

posted by bbanfield62 on Wednesday May 25th 1:16pm
On the 17th I met with my heart doc. He is very concerned with my heart rate and an abnormal EKG. He said my heart rate is very high. It was 102 when they checked it in his office. He ordered 3 tests and said he... more »

5/5/2016 9 months later

posted by bbanfield62 on Thursday May 5th 11:49am
Sorry for not blogging more often. I was at a very dark place for a while. Self pity and almost giving up. I was so tired of the fighting, I went into a deep depression, and then I was so sick that I couldn't... more »

8/31/15 So much more

posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday August 30th 2:36pm
Alot has happened since the last time I wrote to you. My weight was down to 88 pounds and I was still dehydrated constantly. I went to see a gastroenterologist again. I have what's called radiation stricture.... more »

July 3rd, 2015 One thing after another

posted by bbanfield62 on Thursday July 2nd 7:02pm
I'm sorry I haven't updated much but a lot has gone on and I have been tired, busy with appointments, and just down right depressed. Radiation and Chemo treatments have been over for 2 months... more »

My Relief Blogger

posted by bbanfield62 on Monday April 27th 9:21pm
    I write this for my wife as she has requested me to do. Brenda is tired and sleeps quite a bit lately and I encourage it to let her body try to heal.     I'll go back to Friday the  17th, that day was the... more »
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