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6 Month check up with heart doc 9/29/14

posted by bbanfield62 on Monday September 29th 11:51am
I saw the heart doc last week for a check up, EKG, and Echo. The news is not as good as I was hoping, but I'll take it. I always wish for more than I get. (What? A girl can wish.) The EKG... more »

Another 6 months 7/7/14

posted by bbanfield62 on Tuesday July 8th 11:36am
I had another 6 month cancer check up. It's been 3 years since my last chemo treatment. YAY ME! I am still cancer free. I'm anemic, so I need to eat better or take B12. The Doc kept shaking my hand saying how... more »


posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday April 27th 6:13pm
It's been a long time since I last post. Mostly because things have been stable. I just wanted you guys to know about your meds. I have been taking a med for my heart. It's called Spironolactone. The last time I went to have... more »

6 month checks

posted by bbanfield62 on Saturday February 1st 10:33am
Well I just had my battery of doctor appointments. The cancer doc didn't order any tests this time. It was just a come in and see if there are any new or recurring signs and how are you  feeling appointment. I am... more »

Who Knew? 7/12/13

posted by bbanfield62 on Friday July 12th 5:14pm
It's been a while since I last posted and I apologize. I am still working and have battled a few colds and sinus infections. Nothing really serious. Just the norm for Upstate New York. So here are my updates. As... more »
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