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8/31/15 So much more

posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday August 30th 2:36pm
Alot has happened since the last time I wrote to you. My weight was down to 88 pounds and I was still dehydrated constantly. I went to see a gastroenterologist again. I have what's called radiation stricture.... more »

July 3rd, 2015 One thing after another

posted by bbanfield62 on Thursday July 2nd 7:02pm
I'm sorry I haven't updated much but a lot has gone on and I have been tired, busy with appointments, and just down right depressed. Radiation and Chemo treatments have been over for 2 months... more »

My Relief Blogger

posted by bbanfield62 on Monday April 27th 9:21pm
    I write this for my wife as she has requested me to do. Brenda is tired and sleeps quite a bit lately and I encourage it to let her body try to heal.     I'll go back to Friday the  17th, that day was the... more »

4/14/15 ouch

posted by bbanfield62 on Tuesday April 14th 6:31pm
And the side effects continue coming. My hair started to mat up and fall out by the brush full. I asked Michael to shave it off on Saturday. I hated mourning my hair and it was depressing me. As for my... more »

Treatment has started 4/5/15

posted by bbanfield62 on Sunday April 5th 11:40am
Well the treatments started a week ago last Wednesday. I have had 8 radiation treatments and 2 chemo treatments. Some of the side effects have started to rear their heads now. I am always tired now and... more »
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