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posted by Thom on Wednesday October 3rd 11:15am

We at FingerLakes1.com are pleased to announce the newly redesigned website for EOSDIVA Jewelry. [http://www.eosdivajewelry.com/]


EOS DIVA JewelryEOSDIVA Jewelry's pieces reflect the freshness of a day, bright with no fuss but with a nice dose of “hip-ness”.  Easy pieces that you’ll fall in love with day after day.


Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, a goddess who’s tears are considered the dew of the morning, and who was constantly in love.  Dawn is when the day is new, and you can start fresh.


Visit their website and find something “Unique and hip for everyday” for yourself.


To see a list of websites FingerLakes1.com has created for clients around the Finger Lakes as well as across the country please visit our Portfolio.

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