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Calling for individual votes on Women's Equality Act

posted by Brian Kolb on Saturday June 14th 1:39pm

Following the State Senate’s recent passage of individual components of the Women’s Equality Act, Assembly Minority Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,C,I-Canandaigua) called on the Assembly Majority to also hold separate votes on the historic measures. The Assembly’s failure to consider stand-alone bills prevented the Women’s Equality Act from becoming law in 2013 and threatens to do so again this year.
“Voting on individual bills is the only way the Women’s Equality Act becomes a reality. The all-or-nothing approach failed miserably last year and we are inexplicably on the same track once again. In 2013 we left Albany without enacting a single part of the Women’s Equality Act, and historic legislation has been unnecessarily stalled ever since. With a week remaining it’s time to see if the Assembly Majority is capable of learning from its mistakes,” Leader Kolb said.
In February, members of the Assembly Minority introduced nine separate pieces of legislation contained in the Women’s Equality Act. The bills have either been voted down or stalled in committee. In addition to the action by the Minority, two Majority members have recently called for individual votes to ensure specific measures are enacted this year.  
“A year ago, I called for the components of the Women’s Equality Act to be considered as separate bills. My colleagues and I submitted separate bills so the Assembly would be ready to advance these critical reforms as soon as possible. With the recent Senate action, the opportunity is now right in front of us. All we need to do is bring the bills to the floor. The women of New York deserve action now – not another political sideshow blocking critical legislation.”

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Assemblyman Kolb represents the 131st Assembly District, which includes Ontario County and parts of Seneca County. Brian Kolb was first elected to the New York State Assembly in a special election held in February 2000 and has been overwhelmingly re-elected ever since.
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