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posted by Beverly Animal Shelter on Friday July 12th 1:59pm

Dog or Cat, young or old, the Beverly Animal Shelter has the pet for you.  You know it is the heart of kitten season and the supply abounds.  Don’t want a mouser but the smiley face and waggie tail of a canine companion?  Well of course, The Shelter has those pets too.  Just check out…




7-12-13 Northern 7-12-13 Adam


White with a black tiger hat and tail, Northern and her gray bobtail, tiger brother, Adam will soon be 4 months old.  They are playful and cuddly and most of all, ready to go home with you.  Adam and Northern are up to date on their kitten vaccinations and will be neutered and spayed before adoption.





 7-12-13 Ice Cream Kittens


Beautiful black and white, Cookies and Cream with her pink nose cuddles up front with sister black and white, Chocolate Chip with a black nose.  Find them if you can… solid black brother, Black Forest.  The tuxedo wearing girls, Oreo and Maple almost look identical.  All these sweet babes are approaching 3 months of age and are up to date on their kitten vaccinations.





7-12-13 Chipper 7-12-13 Zapper


Surrendered due to a family illness, Pomeranian mix, Chipper and Pomeranian/Pekinese mix, Zapper are hoping to be adopted together.  They are older than 5 years and are looking forward to be wonderful companions in a quiet home.  Handsome Chipper is the leader of the pair.  He does need a daily dose of thyroid medication, which is one of the cheapest medications one can buy.  Approximate cost is less than $ 0.50 a day.  Sweet dogs who get along with all, they are up to date on their vaccinations and if not already, will be neutered/spayed before adoption.



LAST WEEK’S PETS  -  All of last week’s Holiday pets - the felines, Jonathan, Lonnie and Zee Gee, and canine, Laverne, remain waiting to celebrate their forever home.



SHELTER NEWS   -  Summer is the time for Fundraisers!

And next weekend is going to be a Big One. 


LAVENDER FEST - Saturday, July 20 there’s no need to travel to Skaneateles to harvest lavender when you can take a ride down 414 to Rue Claire in Lodi from 1 to 5 PM.  Enjoy live music, food and wine, as well as the lavender!


ITT/GOULDS UNION BENEFIT MOTORCYCLE RIDE FOR BAS – Sunday, July 21 beginning at 10:00AM at the Seneca Falls Rec Center you can register for the ride that begins at 11:00AM.  Riders $20.00, passengers $10.00 each.  Finish at Dewey’s Third Ward Tavern to celebrate.


Coming up on Saturday, July 27 will be the annual WINE, PAWS & CLAWS at Swedish Hill Winery on Route 414 from Noon till 5:00PM.  Free entertainment and fun for all!






GOOD NEWS - the Beverly Animal Shelter IS NOW OPEN normal hours on Wednesdays.



The Board of Directors of the Beverly Animal Shelter is working hard to give you all the information you need to properly take care of your pet.  If you have visited the Shelter website at http://www.beverlyanimalshelteronline.com/index.html you may have noticed the new topics of Important Pet and Animal Info and Low Cost Spay and Neuter.  The topics are well covered and soon, much more information will be added.



Kitten Season has arrived!  The Shelter is overflowing with cats of ALL AGES and they are in desperate need of cat food and cat litter!  To help these needy felines find homes, for a limited time Dallyn is offering the adoption fee of $10 for any cat 6 years of age or older.  Now folks, this is quite the deal.  Cats can live to age 20.  That means you can obtain a vaccinated and spayed/neutered feline for the bargain price of only $10.  In addition, you can have live-in Mouse Protection!  What a deal!!  Why not choose 2?!



Come enjoy the milder weather with your favorite canine.  The Dave Pullen Memorial Dog Park at the Beverly Animal Shelter is open Monday-Saturday, 10am-4pm.  It is located on the front center grounds at the Shelter and has a double-gated entrance.  It is free to the public (though the Shelter always appreciates any donations!), but we do require you to stop by the shelter staff (at the store) to show proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations.  We want everyone, including your dog safe!  We also ask that you please clean up after your dog.  Come on out and give your pup a chance to run off lead in a safe and enclosed environment!






Do you have some old, no longer used electronics (like grandma’s old scanner and your old cell phone)?  The Beverly Animal Shelter now has a permanent Electronics Recycling Drop-off container located right at the Shelter.  Provided by 2trg., the Shelter will receive money for old electronic equipment.



Also, remember that the Shelter always takes donations of scrap metal to recycle, as well as, returnable bottles and cans.  For more information, call the Shelter at (315)539-9357.




Thankfully, Dallyn is happy to announce that the Town of Tyre has joined Interlaken, Romulus and the Town of Waterloo in setting limits on the number of dogs one individual can own.  Now, for the rest of Seneca County…



Kitten Season is here!  To help out, please go to www.FirstGiving.com/bas.  Or, stop by the Shelter and adopt a kitten or two.  Better yet, adopt an adult cat in need of a real home!



Please keep in mind when you enter the Shelter grounds, to adhere to the 5mph speed limit.  A very sweet but deaf cat that had lived at the shelter for 17 years was killed because someone sped through the drive.



Dallyn, along with the ASPCA, would like to remind all cat owners of the importance (after spay and neutering) of cat collars (safety or breakaway) with proper identification for outdoor cats.  The Shelter is overwhelmed by “found” but unclaimed cats.  The hope of the Shelter is to be able to reunite the lost felines with their owners.  Many types of collars are available for cats.  Please see Dallyn for more information.



Please, if you have lost your dog or cat, DO CALL the shelter.  Do not wait for an advertisement of “found dog/cat” to appear in the newspaper.  



The Purina Pets for Seniors Fund has been replenished for 2013.  Thank you Purina.



Please be a responsible pet owner.  Spay and neuter your pets to prevent more unwanted animals.  ONLY YOU can prevent the overflow of kittens that begins each Spring and carries on into the Fall.

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We invite you to come and meet our wonderful creatures in person. The Shelter is open from 10:00AM to 4:00PM daily. The store is open from 9:00 to 6:00 Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 4:00 Saturday. They are closed for maintenance on Sundays. Questions, call (315)539-9357 or email beverlyshelter@yahoo.com.


Yes, you can still view our pets on Petfinder.com, but have you had difficulty getting more up to date information on the Beverly Animal Shelter? Well there is the informative Beverly Animal Shelter Online found at beverlyanimalshelteronline.com. Do take the time to check it out! You’ll be happy you did!

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